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- Membership

- Services included in your membership



Opus Golfs memberships are personnal and available to all for an amount of :

• 39 € for one year from date to date.

It is possible to purchase online on this page. The membership takes effect immediately after validation of online payment.


You can renew your subscription at any time. The start date of your new subscription will automatically be adjusted on the end date of your current membership. So you can renew your subscription weeks before expiration without losing a single day.


Once your registration or renewal of membership has been confirmed, you receive by email your username and password that will allow you to log into the website. The identification allows you to access the online store, the O'Pal social network, your reward catalogue and your account. You can review your transaction history, change your personal informations and add your photo to your profile in order to strenght and facilitate your identification in the golfs.


Each golf is able to check the validity of your membership. Please note that your membership is non tranferable and third parties are not allowed to benefit from rates Opus Golfs if he is not a member Opus Golfs with a valid  membership.  


Services included in your membership

1 Year membership

1. Two 50% Discounts available on 2 green-fees in golf partners which accept them

Each new subscription or renewal lets you get two 50% discounts available on two green-fees to use whenever you want in the year of your valid membership. 

Both discounts are dematerialised and instantly credited to your account upon confirmation of your registration and payment process. 
To use your 50% discounts, simply ask to the secretary of the golf partner which accept them. After checking the validity of your membership and the availability of the discount, the staff will proceed to the receipt of the payment of the half price green-fee. This operation will appear in your member area, "Discounts" section.
The discounts unused during the current membership will be lost.

2. Discount on your green-fees

Get discounts on your green-fees ranging from -10% to -50% throughout the year (depending on the courses and the period) on the golf courses selected by the Label. Simply identify yourself at the reception desk andor give your membership number. Your benefits are not subjected to any constraint. You can enjoy your Opus Golf rates throughout the year, as many times as you want. See the golfs... 


2.1 Payment of the green-fees 

Credit a e-wallet

As a member OpusGolf you have the opportunity to credit a e-wallet. The purchased "Credits" appear in your personnal account, in the "e-wallet" section. This section also contains the usage history. The e-wallet is used to pay your green-fees in golfs partners.


To pay your green-fees with your e-wallet, simply ask the secretary to use it.  After checking the validity of your membership, the agent will wharge your e-account with the reduced member green-fee price. This operation will appear in your account,  "e-wallet" section.


If your membership Opus Golf is coming to an end, your unused "Credits" are not lost. Their use is suspended until the renewal of your membership. In case of a 2-year period of inactivity of an OpusGolfs account characterized by an absence of flow, OpusGolf shall, at the end of 2 years, proceed to the purge of e-account. If an account has a positive balance, it is considered null and void.

Please note that OpusGolf doesn't repay "Credits".


3. Discounts on your stays

 Take advantage of -10% to -30% on accommodation throughout the year. (depending on the hotel and the period)


4. The loyalty program

Green-fees and discounts earned through loyalty program are valid throughout the duration of your membership and suspended after its expiration date.

- After 5 passages on the same golf course and in the year of your membership, the 6th green fee is free

- Every 7 passages on any Golf Partners in the year of your membership, you will get 50% discount available on 1 green- fee in your choosing

Green-fees paid on the spot are not counted in the loyalty program, only the "Couronne" purchased online validate passages on golf courses.


Loyalty Program +Find this icon on the page of golf partners that participate in the FULL loyalty program = recurrence of the offered green-fees, every 5 passages.


Limited loyalty program

 Find this icon on the page of golf partners that participate in the LIMITED loyalty program = no repeat of the offered green-fee, in other words, 1 free green-fee a year after 5 passages.


5. O'Pal Social network

Use the O'Pal social network to organize your games with friends, save your scores, track the level of your play, invite friends to join your game and meet people sharing your interests.